Educational Services Associates



Educational Services Associates is a group practice providing educational therapy, remedial tutoring, educational and neuropsychological evaluation, and consultation services to children and adolescents with learning challenges.

ESA's mission is to develop independent, successful learners who view themselves as competent participants in the social context of their community.

ESA's students experience some degree of difficulty meeting school demands as a result of

  1. Learning difficulties including dyslexia, language, and math learning disabilities

  2. Attention problems including AD/HD

  3. Organizational difficulties including executive functioning disorder

  4. Poor academic and/or study skills

  5. Performance anxiety or generalized school anxiety

  6. Difficulty adjusting to new school demands

  7. Failure to carry out homework independently

  8. Low motivation

  9. Emotional or behavioral problems.

ESA tailors individualized interventions to meet each student's unique learning profile and stylistic needs.

Educational Services Associates empowers clients to become more confident, successful learners.